I cut and carved a guitar out of ONE SINGLE WOOD SLAB – full build, no talking | ]fr6′

I cut and carved a guitar out of ONE SINGLE WOOD SLAB – full build, no talking

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This is build n°9, and my 6th guitar build!
I’m lucky enough to be part of the invitational participants of this year’s Great Guitar Build Off competition (I don’t really know why, maybe some intern made a mistake and now they have to stick with it … anyway, I’m here now).
After making a guitar out of a shelf and then a guitar using only one hand, the next step was logical: making a guitar out of one single piece of wood.
I know that this is not a unique concept, but onepiece guitars are rare enough to make a video like this visually interesting, and challenging enough to be fun to build.
Alternatively I could have used a CNC and shot 20 minutes of slomo volute and side sanding, and closeups of a tiny saw cutting out the CNC tabs (still in slowmo), but I like building more than I like filming and editing 🙂
This guitar is the first one that I’ll ever sell, and it’s for a good cause: once auctioned, all the benefits from the sale are going to a charity. Mine is going to \” Infirmiers de rue \” (Street Nurses), an organization which aims at ending homelessness in Brussels through onsite healthcare and rehousing.
The link is here: the auction will end on July 2 so place your bid if you want this unique guitar to be yours https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/154502615052?hash=item23f912d00c%3Ag%3AmMgAAOSwRldgzKYE\u0026fbclid=IwAR1GIqniEfVqPep_28xbU0AUHaEd0N2Y4DeYYXQnbyBwmzHj80QYcddz4

Specs for this one are:
One piece cherry wood, from headstock to body, no neck joint
Rosewood fingerboard
24 frets, Dunlop 6105
Seymour Duncan P90 Phat Cat, 1 volume 1 tone, 3 way switch, all switchcraft electronics
Cherry wood pickup rings and knobs
Bone nut, Schaller bridge and locking tuners
Finish: Tru Oil, 12 coats, satin
Gotoh strap buttons

asmr woodworking guitarbuilding handtools p90
My two next guitars are already in the making so expect some new films later this year !
You can find all of my builds on my instagram:

I cut and carved a guitar out of ONE SINGLE WOOD SLAB - full build, no talking

DIY – Build Amazing PS4 Game Console Model With Magnetic Balls (Satisfying) – Magnet Balls

DIY Build Amazing PS4 Game Console Model With Magnetic Balls (Satisfying) Magnet Balls
Please leave a comment if you have any ideas that you want to make/build with Magnetic Balls, please tell us, we will try to make it 🙂
Thanks for watching!
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DIY - Build Amazing PS4 Game Console Model With Magnetic Balls (Satisfying) - Magnet Balls

Rockrider fr6 slow motion

Mostrando em slow motion funcionamento da minha bike

Rockrider fr6 slow motion

Making a Les Paul-Ish Electric GUITAR [Full Build]

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This is a brieff version of my channel series: how to build a Les Paulish electric guitar.
Spanish cedar Body and neck, Flame maple top, ziricote fingerboard and ebony headstock top veneer.
https://youtu.be/hvnGZR4CIuM 👈👈
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Making a Les Paul-Ish Electric GUITAR [Full Build]

Nissan GTR – Ferrada Wheels FR6

Nissan GTR – Ferrada Wheels FR6
Rain or Shine we are Bringing the Heat to the GTR market. Being able to put the power down in the best way possible with our Light weight performance series wheel the FR6. Allowing not only for better performance but also more grip with be able to run 20×12 in the reat of this beast.
Forge8 Series F8FR6
Machine Silver Finish
Size: 20×10.5 \u0026 20×12
Model: Nissan GTR
FR6 is available in the following finishes
Machine Silver
Matte Black
Matte Bronze
Matte Graphite
Also Available in:
Sizes : 20×9 | 20×10 | 20×10.5 | 20×11 | 20×11.5 | 20×12
PCD : 5X112 | 5X114 | 5X115 | 5X120 | 5×130
View Photos:
☎ 7133499935

FERRADA WHEELS – Rival of Vossen Wheelsvoss, ADV 1 Wheels, and Forgiato Wheels
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Nissan GTR – Ferrada Wheels FR6

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